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The project You study? You practice! Internship programme for students of the Faculty of Agronomy and Bioengineering of Poznan University of Life Sciences is executed at Poznań University of Life Sciences from 1 November 2018 to 31 October 2020.

The project is co-financed by the European Union under the European Social Fund, the Operational Programme Knowledge Education Development Priority Axis III Higher education for the economy and development, Action Number 3.1. Competences in higher education. The National Research and Development Centre supervises over the implementation.

For two years, the following shall be able to participate in the project 409 full-time students of the Faculty of Agronomy and Bioengineering, including:


• 389 students (208 places for Engineer’s students and 181 places for Master’s students).


• 20 places for Engineer’s students and  for Master’s students

The main purpose of the project is to increase students’ professional and social competences. It shall help to achieve a specific purpose which is: Improving competences of people involved in higher education, to meet the needs of the economy, labour market and society. Our students shall have a unique opportunity to gain invaluable professional experience due to the implementation of internships, the programme of which shall be closely related to the field of study and its educational outcomes.


The employer plays a crucial role as the recipient of the results of the internship programme, executed at the university. All parties shall benefit from the trilateral cooperation confirmed in the agreement:

  • The STUDENT shall gain valuable skills, learn to apply in practice acquired professional knowledge as well as develop social skills. In the long term, the participation in the project shall significantly increase the chances of getting a job after graduation.
  • The UNIVERSITY shall complement the programme content with practical aspects, and shall gain invaluable experience from cooperation with companies and employers.
  • The EMPLOYER shall influence on the adaptation of the study programme to its competence needs. It shall gain a motivated intern for free, and perhaps after the internship - a competent employee. In addition, the Employer shall provide the Student with the opportunity to gain practical work experience, which shall strengthen its image at Poznań University of Life Sciences.


The funds acquired to implement the project shall be spent to:

  1. pay the scholarships for the students for living and accommodation costs
  2. provide the accident insurance during the internship
  3. refund travel costs.


Before the internship, the employer wishing to admit the student for the internship should:

- submit the internship offer to the Internships representative (the internship application form is enclosed as annex 8 to the Regulation),

- after approval of the offer, specify the internship programme (related to the field of study and educational outcomes), and arrange a suitable place in the registered office of the company,

- appoint the Intern supervisor to care for the intern during the internship.

 During the internship, the employer should:

 - approve the attendance list of the intern,

- complete and certify the internship report,

- after the internship, issue the certificate for the student to confirm the completion of the internship.



Faculty of Agronomy and Bioengineering at Poznań University of Life Sciences:

- Biotechnology - V, VI semester of Engineer’s degree and II, III of Master’s  degree

- Ecological Power Engineering - V, VI semester of Engineer’s degree and II, III of Master’s degree

- Applied Computer Science - V, VI semester of Engineer’s degree and II, III of Master’s degree

- Agricultural Engineering - V, VI  semester of Engineer’s degree and II, III of Master’s degree

- Environmental Protection - V, VI, semester of Engineer’s degree and II , III of Master’s degree

- Agriculture - V, VI semester of Engineer’s degree and II, III of Master’s degree.

The exact description of the conditions of the accompanying support are in the Regulation of participation in the project and participation in paid professional internships.

Tax shall not be deducted from the scholarship. The gross amount shall also include the social security contributions paid by the university.